Rad’s Best Friend is now Beta Testing!

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few months developing a web based application that is meant to help Radiologists raise the bar for quality. This program is designed to improve the accuracy and consistency of your reporting, including providing standards-based follow-up recommendations and TNM staging for many commonly encountered clinical scenarios. I’ve based this on widely accepted consensus papers published in our major journals and in ACR white papers. Although many of these guidelines are known by radiologists, study after study has shown that most radiologists are not utilizing them…not even the Fleischner Society Criteria for Pulmonary Nodules, which is the most simple guideline out there.

So enough talk. The program is called “Radiologist’s Best Friend” and it is currently in beta testing. It will have many more modules when it is eventually released as a full-fledged app. You are invited to come and try out the web-based version. The plan is to release this as an iPhone application (which will drastically improve speed and obviate need for mobile internet access).

In return for your feedback I am offering the program “FREE FOR LIFE”. That means that when the program is released for the iPhone (and possibly Android) later this year you will get it for FREE, along with any upgrades (future versions, etc.) for the life of the product. Here is what you need to do to get this:

1) Go to the link: http://beta.radbf.com/

2) Click the “OK” button on the first page, which will take you to a menu page. There is a button at the bottom of this page titled “FIRST SURVEY”. Press that button and take the survey (it will popup as a new window). Make sure you fill out your name and email because that is how I will track your “credit” for the future.

3) Then, just spend some time using the program as you read your cases. Try and see how it would fit into your normal workflow. The program itself should be pretty self explanatory.

4) After a couple days, click on the Survey Button that pops up on the bottom of the “recommendation” pages. Make sure you fill out your name and email because that is how I will track your “credit” for the future.

5) Hit the facebook “Like” button on the menu page.

5) That’s it. Two surveys and you will get this program for free from now until “forever”.

Feel free to share this link with anyone else you may know who may appreciate a program such as this. This offer extends to them as well.